Wagner: Complete Letters
Vol. 19: Briefe des Jahres 1867 - ed. by Margret Jestremski

Documents of a significant year

Up to now, many of the over 300 Wagner letters from the year 1867 were not published or known only in excerpts. They document a year that was of great artistic and personal significance for Richard Wagner. Next to the completion of the “Meistersinger von Nürnberg,” the composer witnessed standard-setting performances of “Lohengrin” in Munich, which was performed unabridged for the first time, and of “Tannhäuser” in the revised 1861 version for Paris. Wagner kept his personal life rooted in Tribschen near Lucerne at this time. This is where Eva von Bülow, the daughter of Wagner and Cosima, was born in February 1867.

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