Leipzig Edition of the Works of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (Complete works)
Series I (Orchestral works) - Vol. 6: Symphony No. 4 in A major (Op. 90) "Italian" version of 1833 MWV N 16 - ed. by Thomas Schmidt-Beste

The “Italian” without any ifs or buts

Though Mendelssohn planned to revise his “Italian” Symphony, he came to a halt after three quarters of the piece following the successful London world premiere in 1833. The following year, he newly composed only movements 2 to 4, but there was no further performance of the work, let alone a publication. The “London version” was thus printed – posthumously – in 1851 and paved the way for the work’s international breakthrough. It is thus perfectly plausible to continue to consider this early version of 1833 as the valid form of the work, since it alone can claim to have been entirely conceived, conducted and thus introduced to the public by the composer.

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