Gagel: Tagträume und Nachtmahre
Neun Klangbilder mit Materialien zum Improvisieren

Day or night, in tune or off?

Have you ever daydreamt? Have you ever been awakened at night by ghosts? Have you ever dreamt while playing the piano? Have you ever been startled when playing the piano? “Tagträume und Nachtmahre” is an unusual piano book. You can play the pieces as they’re written, which means playing lovely, “tuneful” pieces; but you can also play them with sudden improvisatory moments, full of wild dreams and “off-key” sounds. And since this doesn’t necessarily come too easily to most people, we’ve provided a few tips and suggestions on learning how to improvise. This rewarding book is suited both for use in lessons and for individual study. Have we awakened your curiosity? Then have fun giving free rein to your fingers and your imagination!

Table of contents
1. Tagtraum
2. Wie es aus dem Wald herausschallt
3. Fitter Ritter
4 Kleinteilig geschraubter Blues
5 Elfen helfen
6 Druide müde
7 Der Zauberkasten
8 Zwerg am Werk
9 Nachtmahr
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