Eisler: Complete Edition (HEGA)
Serie IX (Schriften) Bd. 4.1: Briefe 1907 - 1943 - ed. by Jürgen Schebera und Maren Köster

Letters to Berg, Brecht, Piscator, Schoenberg a.o.

The search for letters by Hanns Eisler has led to the unearthing of more than a thousand previously unknown letters, postcards, telegrams a. o. Volume 1 of the Correspondence in the collection of Eisler Writings which, in its turn, constitutes Series IX within the Hannes Eisler Complete Edition (HEGA), comprises altogether 37 years of correspondence. However, the transmission from this period is extraordinarily patchy, so that several phases of his life – such as the five turbulent years of exile in Europe between 1933 and 1937 – are hardly documented at all. Among the main recipients of the letters are such illustrious names as Alban Berg, Bertolt Brecht, Rudolf Kolisch, Erwin Piscator and Arnold Schoenberg. Eisler's most important female correspondent during his American exile (which began in 1938), is his second wife Louise, née Gosztony. The publication of the many previously unknown, meticulously analyzed documents allow deep insights into the biographical stations and personal relationships of the politically minded and politically active composer.

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