Doerne: Umfassend Musizieren
Grundlagen einer Integralen Instrumentalpädagogik

"Umfassend Musizieren" is not an in-depth essay that aims to give a comprehensive treatment of this vast topic. Instead, Andreas Doerne depicts the various dimensions of music-making in order to sketch the rudiments of an integral instrumental training. He departs from the conviction that music-making affects all levels of human life and should incorporate them when imparted to others. The goal is a comprehensive, varied training on the instrument, which gives rise to an intensive experience and existential relationship between man and music. "Umfassend Musizieren" sees itself along with Michael Dartsch's "Mensch, Musik und Bildung" as a sequel to the publisher's basic music-pedagogical writings, the first volumes of which – "Handbuch Üben" ed. by Ulrich Mahler and Christoph Wagner's "Hand und Instrument" – were published a few years ago.

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