Henle & Breitkopf Cooperation since 2003
Joint commitment for an excellent product

The publishing houses G. Henle Verlag and Breitkopf & Härtel have been working together for more than ten years now in a collaboration that is:
• highly productive,
• far ranging, as it has long since expanded beyond the practical implementation of the Beethoven and Brahms Complete Editions begun in 2003
• of enormous relevance to the repertoire. See, for example, the two major concertos released in 2010 (Schumann’s Piano Concerto and Berg’s Violin Concerto).

This is sufficient reason to look back at this collaboration, take stock of the present situation, and look towards the future. We recently invited the editorial heads of the two publishers, Dr. Norbert Gertsch (Deputy Managing Director and Head of Publishing at G. Henle), and Eva-Maria Hodel (Head of Breitkopf’s Editorial Department), to answer Dr. Frank Reinisch’s (Public Relations Department, Breitkopf & Härtel) questions.

You may download the complete interview here.

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