Schlink: Kontrabass! Heft 1
Eine Schule für Kinder und Jugendliche

Piano settings by Thomas Blomenkamp
Illustrations by Dorothea Lindenberg

First steps with the double bass

It's not by chance that "Kontrabass!" (Double Bass!) has an exclamation mark in its title, for Thomas Schlink's method begins from scratch, i.e. it requires no practical knowledge of the instrument. The "Kontrabass!" concept is so broad that all teachers can proceed from their own playing techniques and methods, and can teach them without difficulty.

In Book 1, the student goes from plucked and bowed playing on open strings to the first position. In order to let the student interact with others from the very start, the book often includes an accompanying part for bass, piano or melody instrument. Of course, such a well-planned instrumental method offers more yet: work materials, exercises, suggestions – in a word, double-bass lessons are rounded off perfectly with "Kontrabass!"

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