Beutler/Rosin: Kraut & Rüben
Spielbuch 1 für die Sopran-Blockflöte mit Illustrationen von Marlies Walkowiak

Even more recorder pieces!

The overwhelming success of the "BlockflötenSpiel" method has stimulated recorder player's appetites for more – and the new book, "Kraut & Rüben," satisfies every fan's wish for new and rewarding pieces. It offers a rich selection of pieces for teaching and recitals: folk songs and children's songs, canons and pieces from all over the world, birthday tunes and Easter melodies. Of course, the "title song" is also among them; teachers will probably know it from Bach's "Goldberg Variations." Accompanied by other instruments (second recorder, piano, guitar, drum), these pieces go beyond simple one-part playing. There is also didactic information along with the piano part. The only wish that is not – yet – fulfilled is that for a sequel!

EB 8815   15,90 €