Busoni: Variationen über ein Minnesängerlied
aus dem 13. Jahrhundert op. 22

for violin and piano, ed. by Joachim Draheim - Firsts edition

Written in 1879, Busoni’s Variations were long considered as lost - including by Jürgen Kindermann in his Busoni Work Catalogue. Even Busoni himself later gave the Opus number 22 to another work. The autograph, however, is alive and well preserved in Cracow’s Biblioteka Jagiellonska. In his "Minnesinger Variations”, the young composer amply displays his considerable talents. Virtuosos can expect some extravagant harmonic and pianistic surprises, all neatly tucked away in the score next to all manner of borrowings - after all, Busoni was only 13! - from illustrious models.

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