Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Elijah MWV A 25 (Op. 70)
Urtext based on the Leipzig Mendelssohn Complete Edition ed. by Christian Martin Schmidt

Elijah, with German Text Alone

To prepare a large work, musicians need a top-quality Urtext performance material that does justice to all demands. At the end of the Mendelssohn Year, we thus brought out a second piano-vocal score to the new edition of "Elijah." Printed in the traditional handy format, it contains only the German vocal text. This, incidentally, is the form in which Mendelssohn originally conceived the piece, before he produced the English version for the first performance in Birmingham. The music text reproduces the composer's own piano part, as it is planned for publication in the Complete Edition. For performances in English, the German-English piano-vocal score remains the standard edition.

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