Wehner: Mendelssohn Complete Works
MWV – The Key to Mendelssohn's Oeuvre

How vast is Mendelssohn's oeuvre? Most of his approx. 750 compositions were still unpublished in the 1960s. The publication of many early works within the framework of the Complete Edition has been gratefully noted by the musical world. Yet a scholarly, scientific overview of Mendelssohn's works was still missing. He was the last great composer of the 19th century without a complete work catalogue. Ralf Wehner's thematic catalogue closes this gap.

It organizes the body of works into 26 groups and assigns each work its own MWV number. Within the groups, the individual pieces are arranged chronologically. Also included in the MWV are all known collective manuscripts and prints, information on works of dubious authenticity and on Mendelssohn's arrangements, as well as his editions of works by other composers. Wehner's work is based on the examination of material and information from more than 1,500 libraries, c. 15,000 auction catalogues and about 12,000 letters. The succinct account of the history of the work, its publication and reception gives the MWV its profile as a compact "study edition."

An overview on the MWV numbering system you will find on the webiste of the
Sächsische Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Leipzig.

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