Ostrzyga: Der singende Wind
22 kleine Klavierszenen

A Pianist's Journey of Discovery

"Der singende Wind" (The Singing Wind) will accompany piano students in their lessons for a long time. The 22 piano miniatures are arranged in order of progressive difficulty. One after the other, the pieces introduce students to the musical idioms of the 20th and 21st centuries. They call for new performing techniques and reflect the influence of minimal music and twelve-tone technique. Ostrzyga also works with relative pitches and imprecisely predetermined structures. They are the point of departure for a musical journey of discovery, in which free and improvisatory playing is possible. Moods and titles often point to nature (Starry Sky, The Singing Wind, Ocean Fog) or come from the world of children. The enclosed CD features performances of all the pieces. Each piece is also supplemented with performance tips, special tasks and questions that stimulate further thought and listening.

Table of contents
1 Wassertropfen
2 Leuchtfeuer
3 Sternenhimmel
4 Unter dem Meer
5 Farben
6 Vom Teich zur Wiese
7 Der singende Wind
8 Abschied
9 Das stumme Metronom oder Der unsichtbare Dauerläufer
10 Pantomime
11 Die klapprige Lok
12 Mondnacht
13 Radio
14 Suite
15 Le Bateau
16 Wiegenlied
17 Meeresnebel
18 Flug der Zugvögel
19 Legende
20 Fanfaren
21 Atlantis
22 Tjalempung
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