Sibelius: Complete Works (JSW)
Series I (Orchestral works) Vol. 10: En saga Op. 9 [1892] - ed. by Tuija Wicklund

Written in 1892, "En saga" takes its place at the beginning of Jean Sibelius's symphonic poems, and is also the first orchestral work by the Finnish composer to have won a lasting place in the concert repertoire. After ten years and many successful performances, Sibelius was still unsatisfied with his work, which ultimately led him to radically shorten and revise the score. From then on, the revised version – published in 1903 – was the only valid one. The early version was left unprinted, and the manuscript initially thought to be lost. Both versions will be printed in their entirety in the Complete Edition "Jean Sibelius Werke." Following "En saga" [op. 9/1892]," the first edition of the early version, comes "En saga op. 9," the first text-critical score of the definitive version.

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