Leipzig Edition of the Works of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
Series III (Chamber Music) - Vol. 9: Piano Trios - ed. By Salome Reiser

Trios from the "Mozart of the 19th century"

Nearly an entire decade lies between the first mention (1831) and the printing (1840) of the Trio op. 49. Mendelssohn kept trying to set it to paper, but he was probably again making too many demands on this work, his first in the piano trio genre. Yet his efforts were immediately rewarded: "It is the master trio of the present," and Mendelssohn "the Mozart of the 19th century," proclaimed Robert Schumann, who was also to compose a landmark D minor Trio seven years later. Mendelssohn's second Trio op. 66 was composed with a relatively light hand in 1845. Over and beyond the familiar Trios opp. 49 and 66, the corresponding volume of the "Leipziger Mendelssohn-Ausgabe" contains sketches and drafts in the same scoring, which were not further developed.

Table of contents
Trio No. 1 (Grand Trio) in D minor (op. 49) MWV Q 29 (1839)
Trio No. 2 (Second Grand Trio) in C minor (op. 66) MWV Q 33 (1840)
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