TWOgether - Piano and ...
14 Duos for Piano and ... Violin, Violoncello, Flute, Soprano Recorder, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet ed. by Elisabeth Aigner-Monarth und Antoinette Van Zabner

Gone are the days when chamber music was relegated to the sidelines of piano instruction. "TWOgether" contains two pieces each, mostly original, for piano and the most popular classical melody instruments. It is clear that the pieces make equal musical demands on both the piano and the melody instrument. Thanks to this stylistically varied book, young pianists – or their teachers – can go out recruiting all kinds of different musical partners. Facilitating their access to the pieces are the informative comments of the editors, which include thoughts on chamber music, and the "intonations" provided by Oskar Aichinger.

Table of contents
1 Takács, Jeno Peasant Dance - vl,pno (aus/from: Acht kleine Stücke op. 50 )
2 Bohm, Carl Perpetuo mobile - vl,pno (aus/from: Kleine Suite )
3 Caix d’Hervelois Menuet - vc,pno (aus/from: Suite Nr. 32)
4 Schmid, H. K. Dialogue - vc,pno (aus/from: Zehn Miniaturen op. 102 )
5 Mozart, W. A. Menuetto primo e secondo - fl,pno (aus/from: Sonate F-Dur KV 13 )
6 Häßler, J. W. Allegro - fl,pno (aus/from: Sechs leichte Sonaten Nr. 5)
7 Telemann [Fuga] Allegro – Tempo di Minue[t] - S-rec,pno (aus/from: Partia Es-Dur TWV 41:Es1 )
8 Aichinger, O. At the River - S-rec,pno
9 Reger, Max Romanze G-Dur o. op. - clar,pno
10 Bresgen, C. Two Studies - clar,pno (aus/from: Studies II )
11 Schmitz, M. Waltz in Two Faces - A-sax,pno (aus/from: Memory-Suite )
12 Jay, Charles Aria et Scherzetto - A-sax,pno (aus/from: Sonate pour saxophone alto et piano)
13 Händel La Réjouissance - trp,pno (aus/from: Music for the Royal Fireworks HWV 351)
14 Francl, J. Fanfare op. 10 - trp,pno
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