Kleinehanding: Drumroad Schule für das Drumset 1

Be a pro at the drums!

"Drumroad 1" marks the beginning of Breitkopf's percussion instruction series. In the first book of Ralf Kleinehanding's method, the comprehensive acquisition of the basic techniques stands in the forefront. Parallel to working on grooves, the student will also learn important fill-ins. The enclosed fill-in book offers a flexible array of uses and combinations, and contains many additional pieces for the toms. Accompanying patterns for chordal instruments (mallets, piano) round off the concept. This wide-ranging book provides essential groundwork for the mastery of percussion instruments. Ideal for traditional instruction, "Drumroad 1" will also whet the student's appetite for more complex grooves and techniques in Volume 2.

EB 8811   22,90 €