Bach(?), Johann Sebastian(?): Sonata in C major BWV 1033
Breitkopf Urtext ed. by Barthold Kuijken

In closing, a little C major sonata, complete at last: With the publication of the Sonata BWV 1033, Barthold Kuijken's new edition of Johann Sebastian Bach's flute sonatas is finally complete. As with BWV 1020 and 1031, Kuijken questions Bach's authorship and even suspects that each movement of the short sonata might have been written by a different composer. However, in his meticulous edition of the music text, no question is left unanswered. Kuijken even makes a performance-practical suggestion that allows all movements of the sonata to be played uniformly by the flute and basso continuo. "Pan Magazine's" euphoric review of Kuijken's previous editions definitely still applies to BWV 1033: "I am very, very impressed by the Breitkopf / Kuijken edition of Bach's flute sonatas that I bought yet another copy when I discovered to my horror that I was en route to a recital abroad without my music. Breitkopf (make sure it's the new edition by Barthold Kuijken you buy) publish each sonata separately, which inevitably works out more expensive, but with the amount of extra information and inclusion of flute and bass parts together this is a bargain. Everyone should have these, even if they already possess other editions."

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