Neumann, Eva-Maria: Geigenschule Bd. 2
Illustrated by Pia Eisenbarth

"The further you go, the more exciting it gets"

"Dear Students, the further you go, the most exciting it gets," says Eva-Maria Neumann about violin playing. And the second book of her violin method continues to meet the expectations raised by Book 1 and to satisfy all who enthusiastically greeted this first book. The online magazine "Glarean" showered it with praise: "To increase the motivation, Neumann mostly left out exercises – once so hated – and consistently set her sights on the two-part playing of very melodious, songful material. Outwardly, the book has a fresh, merry and colorful look, and the music text is not marred by an overabundance of illustrations."

We are delighted to quote this positive assessment of Book 2. Here the focus is on the various types of fingerings and bowings, shifts of position, playing on two strings at the same time and changing strings. In addition to her own pieces, the author offers a great variety of material (duets, trios) from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Amusing riddles add to the fun!

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