Bach, Johann Sebastian/Carl Philipp Emanuel: Trio Sonata in G major based on BWV 1038
Reconstruction and Continuo Realizsation by Klaus Hofmann

An original – by Bach Sr. and Jr.

Klaus Hofmann has retraced the path to the "ur-sonata"! With convincing arguments, he has shown that two well-known Bach works were originally based on one and the same model that is no longer extant. He believes that both the Trio Sonata in G major BWV 1038 and the Violin Sonata in F major BWV 1022 are concealing an original work for violin, viola and basso continuo – a work that can easily be reconstructed by a Bach expert. Hofmann has already given ample proof of his unerring sense of style and authenticity in the two B flat major Trio Sonatas (KM 2277 and M 2287). He diplomatically attributes the authorship of the newly recovered sonata to both Johann Sebastian and his son Carl Philipp Emanuel to equal extents. This should preclude any posthumous family arguments, and lovers of Baroque chamber music will be delighted with this rare example of an original Bach piece for viola!

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