Hanns Eisler Complete Edition
Serie IX (Schriften) Bd. 1.1: Gesammelte Schriften 1921–1935 - ed. by Tobias Faßhauer and Günter Mayer

At last: all the texts of the young Eisler

The publication of the first volume of writings in the Eisler Complete Edition was awaited with great anticipation. The scope of the texts is unusually large, both in their contents and time of origin. They range from the Vienna diary of 1921/22 to the Berlin opera reviews of the years 1927/28 and to Eisler's first major works on musical aesthetics ("Die Erbauer einer neuen Musikkultur," 1931, "Zur Krise der bürgerlichen Musik," 1932) and up to the texts of his first period of exile (up to fall 1935). The editors make this broad spectrum of brilliantly formulated texts – vital testimonies to contemporary history – accessible through detailed and knowledgeable commentaries. The selected facsimile illustrations, comprehensive explanations and detailed register provide solid assistance in understanding the material, which is as topical today as ever before.

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