Ziegenrücker: Praktische Musiklehre - Vol. 3 with CD
The ABC of music theory for classroom and self study

Music method für advanced students

Whoever has successfully worked his way through the first books of Wieland Ziegenrücker's "Praktische Musiklehre" (BV 311/312) and is motivated to continue on the path of enlightenment, can now add the finishing touches to his knowledge: in the rhythm section of this method, the author tackles irregularities such as triplets and changes of meter; in the harmony section, we find cadences in major and minor as well as the simple harmonization of melodies and – for a lively and varied learning experience – beat, blues and swing. While the author consistently expands his basic principle, ear training retains its fundamental value. Consequently, this third volume also contains an enclosed CD to allow the user to hear the exercises. Ziegenrücker introduces and illustrates all new items with many music examples, exercises and drills.

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