Heller: Intervallbuch for Piano

Playing with intervals

Barbara Heller had already tackled the challenge of writing short piano pieces around a specific interval in her "Quint-Spiele" (EB 8749). Now, in her "Intervallbuch," she applies this concept to the other intervals and has produced four or five pieces each for the second to the octave, and arranged them in order of progressive difficulty. The little pieces are as delightful as their evocative titles, such as "Die schüchterne Sekunde" (The Shy Second), "Die faule Terz" (The Lazy Third), "Sextenblues" (Sixth Blues) and "Wo will die Septime hin?" (Where is the Seventh Going?). But there is much more: Sigrid Naumann's accompanying texts encourage players to treat the notated material freely, to vary it, to improvise upon it and to contribute original compositional ideas.

EB 8665   14,00 €