Ziegenrücker: Praktische Musiklehre Vol. 2 with CD
The ABC of music theory for classroom and self study

In Book 1 (BV 311), Wieland Ziegenrücker provided a great deal of material as an introduction to music theory. But since many a student has already worked his way enthusiastically through the entire material, there arose a widespread wish for a continuation. Here, now, is Book 2, another didactically well-prepared volume that also contains an accompanying CD and retains the prominent role of ear training in its concept. The student marches onward, leaving behind him the melodic range delimited by five tones. The intervals are treated individually, and syncopations, triplets and even the quintuple meter are on the rhythmic agenda. In the harmony section, Ziegenrücker turns his attention to the circle of fifths and chordal inversions. So roll up your sleeves, get out your music paper and pencils, and get started on the second third of this practical music method!

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