Dartsch: Der Geigenkasten Vol. 2
Lagenspiel, Vibrato, Spiccato - die nächsten Schritte

The contents of Book 2 of the “Geigenkasten” make it possible to continue improving one's technical proficiency and to prepare for the intermediate level. The student learns and practices spiccato, vibrato and position playing step by step. The pieces, which are all in two parts again, aim at a flexible use of the new techniques in a varied musical context. Learning to shift is one of the focal points, besides learning to play in the second, third, fourth and half positions. The pieces cover all possible combinations of starting fingers and goal fingers. Suggestions for free playing are also supplied in Book 2, which stimulates the imagination, increases the student's delight in playing, practicing and experimenting – and is ideal for group lessons as well!

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