Wagner-Briefe-Verzeichnis (WBV)
Chronological catalogue of Richard Wagners’ letters, drawn up in cooperation with the Richard Wagner Complete Edition

The "WBV" (Wagner-Briefe-Verzeichnis) - or catalogue of Wagner’s correspondence - provides evidence of all known letters written by Richard Wagner in chronological order and bibliographically succinct form. The extensive material is meticulously organized according to several indices (including an "Incipit index"!). In contrast to the 3,200 known letters listed in the last catalogue, which appeared in 1905, there are currently about 9,000 extant written documents which can be subsumed under the textual genre of the "letter". The WBV thus provides an indispensable basis for the new scholarly conception underlying the edition of Wagner’s correspondence "Richard Wagner: Sämtliche Briefe".

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