Beutler/Rosin: BlockflötenSpiel Heft 2
with illustrations byMarlies Walkowiak

The "BlockflötenSpiel(en)" continues!

As soon as Book 1 (EB 8760) was published, the first questions started coming in: "We are delighted – but how will the BlockflötenSpiel continue? What will be in Book 2 of the new method?"

Here the answers: Music-making for children, as well as children's experience of music, remain the chief goals of authors Irmhild Beutler and Sylvia C. Rosin. Next to songs with German texts, Book 2 offers more pieces from international folklore. Accordingly, the history of the recorder is geographically broadened. Arrangements of classical and romantic pieces, along with technical exercises ("flute fitness training") have been added. An introduction to variation techniques (embellishments, ornaments) on the basis of simple song and dance tunes has been provided, as well as improvisation and contemporary performance techniques. Ensemble music-making with and without the piano remains an important element of the underlying concept. The pieces for recorder ensemble are also notated in score form.

A compelling didactic elucidation of the concept is provided in the teacher's commentary in Book 2 as well.

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