Jean Sibelius Complete Works (JSW)
Series VIII (Works for Voice) Vol. 4: Solo Songs with Piano without opus number, duets and arrangements for Voice and Piano - ed. by Jukka Tiilikainen

Jean Sibelius overall composed more than 100 solo songs for voice and piano. Volume 4 mostly contains first editions. These songs were generally unknown. Only a few of them have been available for performers in manuscript copies and have also appeared on concert programs.
The volume contains also the first printed Sibelius' work „Serenad“ and in contrast to the other two volumes with solo-songs it contains arrangements for voice and piano for the first time. Sibelius arranged three types of works for voice and piano: songs from incidental music, works for voice and piano, and one choral work. The arrangements were not made for the purpose of producing rehearsal scores, but rather as genuine concert pieces to be used in recitals. Rarely are such arrangements simply reductions of the orchestral score, as rehearsal scores tend to be. Instead, Sibelius gave the piano parts of his arrangements the same dedication and seriousness as he gave his solo songs. The independance of his arrangements is especially pointed to the very virtuoso piano part of the ballad „Koskenlaskijan morsiamet“ Op. 33.

Table of contents
1 Serenad (Johan Ludvig Runeberg)
2 En visa (Baeckman)
3 Orgier (Lars Stenbäck)
4 Skogsrået (Viktor Rydberg)
5 Likhet (Johan Ludvig Runeberg)
6 Segelfahrt (Johannes Öhquist)
7 Souda, souda, sinisorsa (August Valdemar Forsman)
8 Säv, säv, susa (Gustav Fröding)
9 Soluppgång (Tor Hedberg)
10 Erloschen (Georg Busse-Palma)
11 Vänskapens blomma (Ernst Josephson)
12 Hymn to Thaïs, the Unforgettable - original version (Arthur Hjalmar Borgström)
13 Hymn to Thaïs - revised version (Arthur Hjalmar Borgström)
14 Tanken - duet (Johan Ludvig Runeberg)
15 Mummon syntymäpäivänä (Anonymous)
16 Små flickorna (Hjalmar Procopé)
17 Narciss (Bertel Gripenberg)
18 Arioso Op. 3 (Johan Ludvig Runeberg)
19 Kullerwos Wehruf (from Op. 7) (Kalevala/ F. A. von Schiefner)
20 Kullervon valitus (from Op. 7) (Kalevala)
21 Sången om korsspindeln (from Op. 27) (Adolf Paul)
22 Koskenlaskijan morsiamet Op. 33 (A. Oksanen)
23 Kom nu hit, död! Op. 60/1 (Shakespeare/C.A.Hagberg)
24 Hållilå, uti storm och i regn . Op. 60/2 (Shakespeare/C.A.Hagberg)
25 Luonnotar Op. 70 (Kalevala)
26 Autrefois Op. 96b - duet (Hjalmar Procopé)
27 De trenne blinda systrar (Maurice Maeterlinck/Bertel Gripenberg)
28 Den judiska flickans sång (Hjalmar Procopé)
29 Solitude (Hjalmar Procopé)
30 Siltavahti (Wäinö Sola)
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