Leipzig Edition of the Works of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (Complete works)
Series IV (Piano and Organ Works) - Vol. 6: Organ Works 1 - Compositions with Opus Numbers - ed. by Christian Martin Schmidt

◄◄◄ Practical edition

Editorial director Christian Martin Schmidt presents Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy's complete organ oeuvre in three volumes as part of the Complete Edition. Volume I contains the central collections "Three Preludes and Fugues" op. 37 and the "Six Sonatas" op. 65 – the first major organ works of the 19th century, with which Mendelssohn ushered in the "second age of organ music" after the Baroque era. The works in the other volumes are arranged chronologically: Volume II comprises the years 1820 to 1841 and documents the evolution of the 11-year-old composer's first efforts to the mature works of a world-famous composer. Volume III contains the works of the years 1844/45, in which Mendelssohn returned to the organ with renewed creativity. Among the heretofore unpublished works from Volumes II and III, the "Four Studies" that Felix presented to his sister Fanny on her birthday in 1844 deserve special attention.

Table of contents
1. Präludium c-moll (op. 37/I) MWV W 21
2. Fuga c-moll (op. 37/1) MWV W 18
3. Präludium G-dur (op. 37/II) MWV W 22
4. Fuga G-dur (op. 37/II) MWV W 20
5. Präludium d-moll (op. 37/III) MWV W 23
6. Fuga d-moll (op. 37/III) MWV W 13
7. Sonata f-moll (op. 65/I) MWV W 56
8. Sonata c-moll (op. 65/II) MWV W 57
9. Sonata A-dur (op. 65/III) MWV W 58
10. Sonata B-dur (op. 65/IV) MWV W 59
11. Sonata D-dur (op. 65/V) MWV W 60
12. Sonata d-moll (op. 65/VI) MWV W 61
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