Sweelinck: Complete Keyboard Works Vol. 4
Song and Dance Variations edited by Pieter Dirksen

Following the successful new edition of Scheidt's Tabulatura nova, Harald Vogel now releases his second major project for Breitkopf & Härtel, Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck's "Complete Keyboard Works". Assisting the leading interpreter of 16th- and 17th-century organ music is Pieter Dirksen, the Dutch harpsichordist and Sweelinck scholar. Together, they ensure the highest degree of competence and professionalism.

Also highly anticipated is the method of transposition of Sweelinck's notational forms (staff notation and letter tablature), which maintains the characteristic features of the primary sources for the first time ever. No previous edition had ever taken these characteristics into account until now.

The edition of the Complete Keyboard Works is a scholarly edition for practical use in four volumes. In addition to the latest findings in the field of performance practice, it contains an extensive preface on Sweelinck's life and his pedagogical legacy.

Table of contents
1 Esce mars SwWV 321 (5')
2 Ich fuhr mich vber Rheine [Ick voer al over Rhijn] SwWV 322 (8')
3 Mein junges Leben hat ein Endt SwWV 324 (6'15")
4 Pavan Philippi SwWV 329 (7')
5 Puer nobis nascitur SwWV 315 (3')
6 Soll es sein [Poolse almande] SwWV 330 (9'15")
7 Unter der Linden grune [Onder een linde groen] SwWV 325 (5'30")
8 Allemand [Gratie] SwWV 318
9 Die flichtig Nimphae [Vluchtige nimph] SwWV 331
10 Pavana Hispanica SwWV 327 (3')
11 Paduana Lachrymae SwWV 328 (4'30")
12 Von der Fortuna werd ich getrieben [Engelse Fortuijn]SwWV 320 (3')
13 Alemande de chapelle SwWV 317 (5')
14 Balleth del granduca SwWV 319 (5')
15 Malle Sijmen SwWV 323 (1'30")
16 Passomeza SwWV 326 (7')
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