Borstelmann: Jazzy Birthday
Jazz Variations on 'Happy Birthday' for Piano

Rag, blues, waltz, Latin - a variety of ways to congratulate

How do you wish someone happy birthday at the piano? With a blues, a rag or in a Latin version? With a clear-cut fugue for the inveterate classic fan? "Jazzy Birthday" gives you a variety of options so that you can make every birthday sound different! As the title suggests, the jazz style forms the basis from which Jürgen Borstelmann branches out in 13 different directions. There's even a variant in minor for when the party loses its oomph!

To the sample of notes No. 9 Latin Birthday

Since the 1950s Latin-American rhythms have been fusing with jazz-related harmonies in Latin Jazz. This gives many jazz improvisations an additional rhythmic intensity.

Table of contents
1. Happy Birthday (Thema/Theme)
2. Swinging Birthday
3. Sentimental Birthday
4. Birthday Blues
5. Birthday Rag
6. Birthday Waltz
7. Happy Ostinato
8. Birthday Ballad
9. Latin Birthday
10. Happy Birthday?
11. Birthday Bells
12. Birthday Capriccio
13. Encore: Birthday Fugue
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