Finer in Minor
24 Original Pieces for Piano - ed. by Elisabeth Haas, Rosemarie Salzbrunn, Martina Schneider, Karin Strebl and Veronika Weinhandl

Easy playing piano standards in the "minor"

The editors of the "Keyboard Crocodile" have delved into music history’s treasure chest of piano literature and come up with some gems in the "minor" mode that offer "major" enjoyment. The collection ranges from J. S. Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Mussorgsky and Grieg all the Way up to Mike Schoenmehl (born 1957). The discreetly coordinated colors which enliven the volume harmonize perfectly with the varied contents and make this edition a veritable little "Gesamtkunstwerk". All little (and bigger) pianists who love to dream in minor can revel to their heart's content in their favorite mode.

The Keyboard Crocodile, Monster & Their Friends make it fun to play the piano!

Table of contents
Bach, C. Ph. E. Solfeggietto
Bach, J. S. Prelude in C minor
Beethoven Piano Piece Fuer Elise
Benda Sonatina in A minor
Burgmüller Thunderstorm
Chatschaturjan Etude
Chopin Valse in A minor
Gillock Autumn Sketch
Blue Mood
Grieg Goblin
Haydn Minueto in C minor
Kabalewskij The Horseman
Mayer Etude in G minor
Mendelssohn Bartholdy Venetian Gondola Song
Mussorgskij A Tear
Reichardt Shepherd's Lament
Schoenmehl Disco Visit
Melancholy Reflections
Schubert Valse noble in A minor
Waltz in B minor
Schumann Fantasy Dance
Knecht Ruprecht
Telemann Fugga in G minor
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