Dahlstroem: Sibelius-Werkverzeichnis
Thematisch-bibliographisches Verzeichnis seiner Werke

An indispensable tool: the Sibelius Work Catalogue

Ever since Kari Kilpeläinen came out with his Sibelius Source Catalogue (1991, BV 270), the scholarly world has been impatiently waiting for a comprehensive systematic catalogue of Jean Sibelius's works. The ideal specialist for this task had already been found: Fabian Dahlström, a distinguished expert on Sibelius and the editorial director of the Sibelius Complete Edition until 2002. The rapid development in Sibelius research over the past years and the accessibility of previously untapped sources (letters, diaries, etc.) aided Dahlström in his work. The Preface and Introduction to the volume are printed in three languages (German / English / Finnish) in order to do justice to the truly international scope of the catalogue. Detailed indexes provide the user with a variety of ways to explore the works of Jean Sibelius.

This edition has been awarded the German Music Edition Prize.

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