Schleiermacher: Twelve Soundscapes inside the Piano
with CD

The "Soundscapes in the Piano" will make young pianists familiar with the performance techniques that play an essential role in modern music. These include playing directly on the piano strings, using the middle pedal, and creating sympathetic vibrations by silently depressing the keys. The pieces vary considerably in their levels of difficulty. No. 2, At the Mountain Lake, and No. 8, On the Mountainside, are probably the best ones to start with. The evocative titles of the pieces give the performers an idea of the "tonal landscape" being explored within it. Interpretation tips also help young pianists in learning the pieces.

This volume has been awarded the German Music Edition Prize.

World première Leipzig, May 18, 2001 by the composer.

Table of contents
1. At Sea
2. At the Mountain Lake
3. In the Slate Mountains
4. On the Island
5. In the Mine
6. In the Lowlands
7. In the Cave
8. On the Mountainside
9. After the Earthquake
10. At the Mountain Brook
11. In the Castle Ruin
12. On the Highway
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