Braune: Through Europe with Four Hands
20 folk-song settings for piano four-hands - Illustrations by Ralph Bittner

Let’s go on a journey Through Europe with Four Hands and 20 folk-song settings – a journey made all the more appealing thanks to Ralph Bittner’s delightful illustrations. Each of the arrangements contains a particular technical task. The brief notes in the appendix provide explanations of the respective technical challenge as well as information on the texts of the songs. Since the melodies are generally divided among the two hands, they are presented in one part at the beginning of the piece so that the players can familiarize themselves with them. Fingerings are provided at the most important passages. The primo and secondo parts are both easy to play.

Table of contents
Anny, Where Were You (Slovakia)
Cossack Lullaby (Russia)
Elenka (Bulgaria)
In The Meadow, In The Meadow (Hungary)
Loch Lomond (Scotland)
Maciek (Poland)
No One Knows It As I Do (Czech Rep.)
Out Yonder In The Fields (Greece)
Pål Lets His Chickens Run (Norway)
Run, My Little Horse, Run (Iceland)
So Many Tears Did I Cry (Romania)
The Fields Are Empty (Denmark)
The Little Coachman (Spain)
The Trick, The Bait (France)
The Wind Blows (Austria)
The Woods Are Full Of Color (Germany)
Why Are The Peasants So Happy? (The Netherlands)
Winter Has Gone (Switzerland)
With Red Cheeks (Finland)
You Ask Me Who I Am (Switzerland)
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