Jean Sibelius Complete Edition (JSW)
Series VIII (Works for Voice) Vol. 1: Solo Songs with Orchestra - ed. by Kari Kilpeläinen and Timo Virtanen

Sibelius secured his international reputation as a "20th-century classic" above all with his large orchestral works. However, his vocal works, including the songs for voice and orchestra, are just as important and innovative. They combine Sibelius's masterful command of the orchestral apparatus with a uniquely sensitive feeling for the textual sources. They range from the dramatic ballad "Koskenlaskijan morsiamet" Op. 33 to the intimate, lyrical "Arioso" Op. 3, and from the post-Wagnerian "Serenad" JS 183 (presented here for the first time) to the boldly orchestrated vision "Luonnotar" Op. 70. Following the two books of songs with piano accompaniment, this volume of the Sibelius Complete Edition (JSW) will definitely make an important contribution to the international reception of Sibelius' works.

Table of contents
JS 168 Serenad (Stagnelius, Erik Johan)
Op. 3 Arioso (Runeberg, Johan Ludvig)
Op. 7 Kullervon valitus (Kalevala)
Op. 13 No. 4 Våren flyktar hastigt (Runeberg, Johan Ludvig)
Op. 17 No. 1 Se’n har jag ej frågat mera (Runeberg, Johan Ludvig)
Op. 33 Koskenlaskijan morsiamet (Oksanen, A.)
Op. 36 No. 6 Demanten på marssnoen (Josef Julius Wecksell)
Op. 37 No. 3 Soluppgång (Hedberg, Tor)
Op. 38 No. 1 Herbstabend for string orchestra (Rydberg (Tilgmann, Ferd.))
Op. 38 No. 1 Herbstabend/Hoestkvaell for full orchestra (Rydberg (Tilgmann, Ferd.))
Op. 38 No. 2 På verandan vid havet (Rydberg, Viktor)
Op. 38 No. 3 I natten (Rydberg, Viktor)
Op. 57 No. 6 Herzog Magnus (Josephson (Rehbaum, Theo.))
Op. 60 No. 1 Kom nu hit, doed! (Shakespeare (Hagberg, C. A.))
Op. 70 Luonnotar (Kalevala)
Op. 96b Autrefois (Procopé, Hjalmar)
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