Neue Klaviermusik für Studium und Unterricht

"We have sought to put together a number of short pieces - or to inspire the creation of new ones - that contain no great technical difficulties. The result is a broad spectrum of multifaceted compositional styles, ranging from Boulez's rigorously structured pieces to Hespos's musical stimuli that are to be worked out freely by the performer, and on to Schnebel's 'Bagatellen', whose interpretation requires the use of the performer's voice." (Peter Roggenkamp)

Table of contents
Aharonián ?Y AHORA?
Boulez, Piere Douze Notations No. 3
Douze Notations No. 4
Brandmüller Memento
Döhl, Fr. 4 Bagatelles
Hespos anregung fuer einen pianisten
Z ...
Koblenz Piano Piece 1
Kopelent, M. Song for Piano
Lachenmann, H. A Children's Play: No. 3 Akiko
A Children's Play: No. 5 Filter-Schaukel
Otte No. 2 from 'Das Buch der Klaenge'
Paraskevaídis un lado, otro lado
Schnebel Bagatelles No. 4 Liebes-Lied
Bagatelles No. 6 Trauermarsch
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