Jean Sibelius Complete Works (JSW)
Series V (Works for Piano) Vol.1 : Opp. 5, 12, 24, 34, 40, 41 - ed. by Kari Kilpeläinen

Glenn Gould admired them: "In Sibelius's music, everything functions and everything sounds according to its own laws and not as a substitute for other, richer experiences." This is all the more surprising as Sibelius himself did not attribute much value to the piano. On the contrary, he even claimed that he could not stand the instrument; yet he wrote works that remain enduringly compelling. "Miniatures of provocative simplicity - Sibelius's piano pieces are to his symphonies what children's drawings are to oil paintings, which undeniably exerts a unique fascination." (Thomas Schulz, Rondo 5/99)

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Table of contents
Bagatelles Op. 34
Kyllikki Op. 41
Pensées lyriques Op. 40
Six Impromptus Op. 5
Sonata op. 12
Ten Pieces Op. 24
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