Wagner: Sämtliche Briefe
Bd. 12: Briefe des Jahres 1860 - hrsg. von Martin Dürrer

Wagner spent the year 1860 with his wife in Paris. Three concerts with excerpts from his works had been held at the beginning of the year. Still entirely unknown in France, these pieces drew a great deal of attention and polarized the music-loving public. Wagner's main artistic goal at that time was to bring about a first performance of "Tristan und Isolde." Although this plan came to naught in Paris, the imperial order to have "Tannhäuser" played raised the tempting prospect of an international dissemination of his earlier works. The year 1860 also finally saw a decisive development in Wagner's struggle for amnesty, which had languished for several years. Wagner was once again allowed to tread on the soil of German states (with the exception of Saxony) for the purpose of performing his works.

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