Liszt: Sämtliche Schriften
Bd. 1: Frühe Schriften

Few musicians before him analyzed the current state of the arts as exhaus-tively as Franz Liszt. Already in his first articles he penned a scathing sketch of musical life in France. In his travel letters from Switzerland and Italy to his friends George Sand, Heine and Berlioz, he proved himself to be a critical observer of his times. From Dante to Chateaubriand, from Goethe and Schiller to Heine, from the "Priest of Art" to the "Beethoven of the Future" - there is hardly any cultural topic missing from his writings of the years 1836 to 1841. The pieces in these Early Writings clearly confirm Heine’s judgment that Liszt was "no placid piano player for placid citizens and good-natured sleepyheads".

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