Baur, Jürg (1918-2010)

Baur developed his individual and unmistakable musical idiom for the symphony orchestra. It has allowed him to effortlessly amalgamate the old and the new, and to derive new expressive resources from the traditional stylistic elements of the classical canon. Balance and synthesis form the stylistic core of Baur's symphonic output. He has consistently sought a balance between the classical tradition and the avant-garde of his time. This is most noticeable in his predilection for polyphonic writing, in which he fused classical counterpoint with serial structures. The reassurance he felt in his dealings with tradition kept him from making conspicuous compositional experiments; but it also guaranteed that his music remained lucid and comprehensible, something that has always been a major concern of Baur, who is profoundly respectful of the listener.
(Jürgen Schläder)

Photo © by Eduard Straub, Meerbusch